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Mike Wooldridge offers a suite of services to help businesses communicate online. There's a list of the companies he's worked for in the clients section.

Web Design
Multimedia and Programming

web icon Web Design

Since 1995, Mike has coded thousands of Web pages and launched dozens of Web sites. He's helped firms devise a Web presence from the ground up, reorganized and fine-tuned existing Web projects, and designed Web pages to fit into larger corporate sites.

By keeping abreast of new Web technologies, he's able to offer clients the best in terms of HTML coding, Web graphics, and advanced programming. With training in information design, he also makes sure the sites he designs are well organized and easy to navigate. He continues to support many clients after their Web sites are launched, providing services such as site maintenance and site promotion.

Recent Web projects:

  • Serves as Director of Content Development at Namesecure.
  • Launched, a interactive Web site chronicling the impending birth of Mike's son in October. The site was a Yahoo! "Pick of the Day" in June 1999.
  • Designed the online version of To Know Ourselves, a publication that explores the science behind the U.S. Department of Energy's Human Genome Project. The site was recognized as one of the outstanding educational resources on the Web.

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writing icon Writing

Before establishing his Web services, Mike made his living as a science writer, covering topics in the physical and life sciences for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He continues to take on science writing projects, but also regularly writes about Web design and Internet technologies for magazines.

With graduate training in science journalism, research experience in the biotech industry, and a Berkeley degree in genetics, he's well equipped to tackle the most technical of writing topics.

Recent writing projects:

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media icon Multimedia and Programming

Multimedia and advanced programming can be powerful additions to Web sites. Multimedia can deliver messages in new and interesting ways -- with audio, video, or 3D elements. Programming can turn Web sites from simple static billboards into two-way streets for communication.

Mike offers his clients a variety of multimedia capabilities, including digital video with QuickTime, digital audio with RealAudio, and virtual reality with QuickTime VR. His programming services include dynamic and user-specific content with Java and JavaScript as well as CGI-based features that let clients update their sites in real time.

Recent multimedia and programming projects:

  • Developed a Perl-based system for GamePro that let the magazine publish Web news remotely from the E3 Expo in May 1999.
  • Authored Refrigerator!, the first multimedia experience ever created inside a kitchen appliance. This QuickTime VR project won a third-place award in Apple Computer's "Experience the Revolution" contest.
  • Created Cloned, an online game written in JavaScript. Licensed the game to HTML Limited of the United Kingdom.
  • Provided live Web video at Berkeley's 1997 Solano Stroll street fair for Direct Network Access, Inc, an Internet service provider.
  • Wrote the voiceover and text content for a multimedia training environment for users of Private Internet Exchange (PIX) firewall software from Cisco Systems.

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